How to Make a Slip Stitch {Crochet Lesson}


Here’s a quick look at how to make a slip stitch.  I use them all the time when I’m making crochet hearts or flowers.  It’s an easy way to create a circle to work with in many projects, but it can be used at anytime to reduce the height of a row. This is such an easy one… When your pattern calls for a slip stitch you insert your hook through the chain or stitch you’re working with ...

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How to Make a Chain Stitch {Crochet Lesson}


If you’re learning how to crochet you’ll need to start by making a chain.  It’s super simple and the foundation to cute crochet wash cloths, blankets and even circular projects like coasters. Let’s start with how to hold the yarn and hook.  Run the yarn between your little finger and third finger.  Bring it up in front of your fingers and run it under your index finger and come around ...

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Bible Journaling on

Bible Journaling

What is Bible Journaling? Have you ever highlighted or written a few notes in your Bible?  I've always been one to highlight and underline Scriptures that I found inspiring and didn't want to ...

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Homemade Heart Dog Treat Recipe

Pamper your pets with some homemade dog treats! We are those crazy dog people…you know the ones.  We seriously love our dogs and consider them part of the family. We live right by a cute little doggie boutique that sells homemade treats, but they can really be quite pricey.  I knew I could make my own much cheaper. I LOVE the way these turned out and I plan on making them on a regular basis.  At least I’ll know exactly what they’re eating, and they jump up and down for them so I’m ...

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