Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

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I made this cozy crochet baby blanket for a baby gift, but I wish I had a giant one for myself! Working with this chunky yarn makes it super fast, and it feels so soft and warm! I love having small crochet projects to do while we watch a movie in the evening.  There's something so relaxing about the movement of the needle and the knowledge that you're creating something that will last for ...

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Mini Apple Bundt Cake Recipe

Apple Bundt Cake Recipe on

Homemade Apple Bundt cakes are great, but Mini Apple Bundt Cakes are even better!  They're perfect for entertaining or sharing a bit with your neighbors.  Don't you love how baking up something like this makes you house smell all yummy and cozy?  This recipe will have neighbors knocking on your door as the smell drifts down the's true. It's an easy recipe that looks like a million ...

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DIY Lime & Coconut Body Scrub

This DIY Lime & Coconut Body Scrub is the perfect gift!  Create a batch and share some.  It makes you skin feel amazing while filling the room with a fresh smell that’s sure to make you ...

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Fried Shrimp Recipe {Beer Battered}

Beer Battered Fried Shrimp has to be one of the best foods in the world! Shrimp are amazing no matter which way they are cooked, but it’s really hard to beat fried shrimp.  Living in the south you learn a bit about shrimp and which ones are the sweetest, biggest, or best for your shrimp salad or scampi recipe.  There’s a huge difference and my favorite shrimp are always from Key West or Savannah.  Luckily, we’re close to both areas.  We’ve even caught our own shrimp in the ...

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