Bath Bomb Tutorial


Homemade bath bombs are an awesome afternoon project for any crafty girl!  I recently made these fabulous bath bomb using my Lush Inspired Bath Bomb recipe. They were featured in the beautiful Mollie Makes Magazine!  You can create bath bombs in so many different molds, so look at what you already have around the house before you get started.  Tart tins are super cute, small ...

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A Little Fabric


Do you have a favorite craft supply?  I have more than one for sure, but I can never get enough pretty fabric.  I'm not even that great at sewing, but I can make enough basic sewing projects to justify hoarding fabric! I keep squares of fabric all ready to be made into pretty lavender sachets.  I don't like to waste any fabric at all.  I love having them ready for when I have the urge to sew ...

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