How to Make Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachet Tutorial by Kimberly Layton

Lavender sachets are one of my all-time favorite handmade gifts to share.  They can be made to match anyone’s style from modern to vintage, and they are the perfect way to use up small fabric scraps or your favorite fat quarter.  These lavender sachets were featured in the beautiful Mollie Makes Magazine! 

How to make lavender sachets by Kimberly Layton

I sold hundreds of lavender sachets through my Etsy shop one year.  They were very popular for weddings and Mother’s Day.  I’ve always given them as Christmas gifts, and I always enjoy the process of making them.

The whole house smells amazing and you can mix up the fabric to create pretty, pretty sachets.

Learning how to make lavender sachets by Kimberly Layton

Here’s how I make them…

  • Cut 5” fabric squares {I usually cut a bunch at once}
  • Stack two squares with the right side facing inside.
  • Start sewing about 3/4 of the way down one side and continue around until you have a couple inches left and backstitch with your machine.  You want to leave a big enough opening to work with, so sew slowly.
  • I sew about 1/8” to 1/4” in from the edge.
  • Cut the corners off carefully. This helps the corners look nice when it’s finished.
  • Flip the sachet to show the right side of the fabric on the outside.
  • Flatten a bit and make sure your corners are nice by using your finger to push on the corners from the inside.
  • Sew around the edge again leaving the opening the same size.
  • I roll up some cardstock to use as a funnel and add my dried lavender using a little scoop.  {You can buy dried lavender right here on Amazon.}
  • Be sure not to add too much or it will be hard to sew closed!!
  • Shake your sachet to settle the lavender and then hold it carefully while you sew up the opening.

For the complete step-by-step tutorial on making lavender sachets {with tons of photos} read my post on!

Seahorse Sachets by Kimberly Layton

Embroider or stamp designs on the fabric before sewing them for a custom creation.

Handmade Lavender Sachets by Kimberly Layton

Once you start making these you will want to make a ton!  I have them all over the house and in my closets.  I’ve thrown them in the car…they make it smell wonderful!

You can make small ones to throw in the dryer.  Your clothes will have a nice light scent.  I’ve used them up to 10 times in my dryer.

making lavender sachets by Kimberly Layton

I hope you’ll make some soon!

For the complete step-by-step tutorial on making lavender sachets {with tons of photos} read my post on!

Have fun!


DIY Hand Stamped Necklace

DIY Hand Stamped Necklace Tutorial by Kimberly Layton

There’s something so special about a handmade gift like these sterling silver hand stamped necklaces.  I have always loved a sentimental gift or two, that’s for sure.

Create one for a grandma with grandchildren’s initials.  Make one for yourself with your initial to wear daily.  Stamp up one for a new mom.  There are so many great ideas for these DIY hand-stamped necklaces!

DIY Tutorial for Hand Stamped Jewelry by Kimberly Layton

These are Sterling Silver and made to be treasured for years and years!

Hand Stamped Necklace Tutorial by Kimberly Layton

Everyone loves them…even teenage girls!  You have to make a batch to share with the ones you love.


When I first started making these I had the hardest time in the world finding just the right supplies.  The size of rings and the thickness of blanks…yikes!  It was a total guessing game and I spent quite a bit to find the perfect supplies to create the look you see in the photos.

For the complete step-by-step tutorial {with lots of photos} visit my post on!

You’ll also find a list of supplies with links to make your shopping easy.  Using the right tools and supplies from the beginning will save you a ton of money!

Have fun!


Bath Bomb Tutorial

Bath Bomb Tutorial by Kimberly Layton

Homemade bath bombs are an awesome afternoon project for any crafty girl!  I recently made these fabulous bath bomb using my Lush Inspired Bath Bomb recipe. They were featured in the beautiful Mollie Makes Magazine!

You can create bath bombs in so many different molds, so look at what you already have around the house before you get started.  Tart tins are super cute, small plastic containers and many soap mold will work perfectly.

Bath Bomb Recipe by Kimberly Layton

This is what you’ll need to make 12-24 bath bombs.


Baking Soda – 2 cups

Citric Acid – 1 cup

Corn Starch – 1 cup

Almond Oil – 3 tsp.

Essential Oils – 1 tsp. total of Lemon and Lavender doTERRA oil

Food Coloring – 8-10 drops

Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle

Creative Soap Molds or Mini Metal Tart Tins {I LOVE these!}

The links above will take you right to products I used to make your shopping a little easier!  I love getting my supplies delivered right to my door!

I use all doTERRA essential oils for my bath bombs and bath salts.  You use less with these high quality oils and there are health benefits at the same time!  Try Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint together if you have seasonal allergies.  Email me if you have any questions about oils and I’ll be happy to help you.  You can also visit my doTERRA shop to read more about each oil and their benefits.

Bath Bomb DIY by Kimberly Layton

  • Add Almond Oil and your essential oils to a small container and mix well.
  • Add all the dry ingredients to a large bowl and mix well.
  • Slowly add the oils to your dry ingredients mixing as you go.  Take your time because you don’t want it lumpy.  I used a mixture of oils that help with allergy problems…we need it around here!
  • Add the food coloring while mixing.
  • Spray your mixture 5-10 times while mixing until it resembles the texture of damp sand that sticks together.  You might need to spray it a few more times to get it just right.
  • Add a heaping amount of your bath bomb mixture to your mold.  You just want to make whatever you use is not too shallow or your bath bomb will break easily.  These starfish are a little on the shallow side so I have to take extra time and care making them.
  • Press the mixture into the mold.  Add a bit more to the top and press it all over again.  This will make a very solid bath bomb.
  • Lightly mist the top of your bath bombs with alcohol.  I usually only spray one or two times and then press it down again.  If you spray too much your bath bomb with start to bubble!
  • Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.

Bath Bomb Tutorial on

  • Flip your mold over and lightly tap the mold with your spoon.  This will usually cause the bath bomb to pop right out, so be ready.
  • Mist the top of your bath bomb with alcohol.
  • Let it dry overnight.

For the full step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos on making a bath bomb you’ll want to read my post on

Get creative with your bath bombs by mixing essential oils to create the perfect scent to match your mood. I use doTERRA essential oils which I now sell after using them for years!  A little goes a long way when you use high quality oil and the health benefits are a bonus!

Once you get the hang of making these you will think up a million different combinations of oils and creative molds.  They are a fabulous DIY gift anytime of the year.

There you go…now you don’t need to spend a ton buying them when you can make them for pennies!  WOOT!

Have fun!


A Little Fabric


Do you have a favorite craft supply?  I have more than one for sure, but I can never get enough pretty fabric.  I’m not even that great at sewing, but I can make enough basic sewing projects to justify hoarding fabric!

I keep squares of fabric all ready to be made into pretty lavender sachets.  I don’t like to waste any fabric at all.  I love having them ready for when I have the urge to sew something on a rainy afternoon.

You can find my whole tutorial for lavender sachets right here.  It includes supplier info that could make your life easier when you decide to make some for yourself.

What’s your favorite kind of sewing project?


Pottery Inspiration

pottery inspiration - table

Pottery has always been something I wanted to learn, and my husband just talked me into starting classes.  I’ve only been to three classes so far and I’m loving it!

I’d love to have a table full of beautiful pottery created by me.  These are my inspiration…

pottery inspiration - bowls

I just glazed a bowl red last week and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

pottery inspiration - plates

Is there some type of craft you’ve been wanting to learn?